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Welcome to the online home of Cards in Color, the first greeting, gift, and postcard publisher committed primarily to celebrating our increasingly multi-racial society.

Fifteen percent of all new marriages in the United States are between people of two or more different racial groups. More than 50% of adoptions are transracial – between parents and children of two different racial groups. While we have social cards for everyone, it’s our job to celebrate this new diversity first.

Whether you are an individual seeking to stock up on greeting cards for interracial or multiracial couples and families or a retail operation seeking to offer customers a more realistically diverse greeting cards selection, Cards in Color can meet your needs.

Our company was founded in the spring of 2013 by a creative team whose members are all part of multi-racial families. Our personal “rainbows” include spouses of African American, Filipino, German, and Indian heritage, and a beautiful mix of children who share various incarnations of those heritages.

We often joke that our families are so diverse we could make a Benetton commercial.

But what isn’t a funny is our years-long inability to find respectful, creative greeting-, gift-, and postcards that accurately reflect the diverse appearances of our loved ones.

Have you ever put TLC into a gift for your friends’ engagement, only to find ZERO cards that looked like them – Asian and Latino? What about that birthday gift for your child’s playmate whose parents are African American and white, or the animated Christmas card you’d like to send out that reflects your own family’s racial “blend” of a one white parent, one Asian and your children?

Whatever the case, if you can answer yes to any of those questions, then Cards in Color is for you.

Thanks for visiting and shopping with us.



The Cards in Color Team





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